Purpose of the Catholic Medical Mission Board

Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) is a faith based organization that is a pioneer in providing health care facilities across the globe. Catholic Medical Mission Board was founded in the year 1912. The mission of this organization is to work in co-operative manner with various organizations to provide proper health care facilities to people across the globe irrespective of their color, gender, religion, nationality or race. CMMB was founded with a vision to create a world where every human life was valued irrespective of the religion, creed, nationality etc.

The organization aims at providing quality healthcare to the needy people across the globe. Catholic Medical Mission Board works on eight core values. These values are compassion, integrity, leadership, quality collaboration, social justice, courage and risk taking and building individual and community capacity. CMMB has its offices in Asia pacific, Haiti, Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Sudan, Peru and South Africa. As the name suggests, the organization primarily deals in designing and implementing health care programs.

Catholic Medical Mission Board has partnered with several other organizations in their endeavor to provide quality health care facilities to the needy people across the globe. Some of these partners are Catholic Bishops' Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, Global Health Council, Maternal Life Institute, Network of AIDS Researchers of Eastern and Southern Africa, Pan American Health Organization, UNICEF, UNICAH, Catholic Health Association of India, Abbot Fund and Caritas Internationalis, etc.

In the span of 75 years, CMMB has evolved into a global faith based leader in providing health care services. They also have medical volunteer programs where the volunteers help the needy by assisting them with medical health care facilities. The organization plays a pivotal role in creating awareness, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other life threatening diseases. The CMMB organization is on the right path to fulfill its mission of providing better health care facilities to the needy.


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