Catholic Medical Mission Board History

The Catholic Medical Mission Board was founded by Dr. Paluel Flagg. He was an anesthesiologist by profession and the plight of leprosy victims in Haiti moved him deeply. He decided that there needs to be an organization that can provide health care facilities to such needy people that helps to heal them. He firmly believed that every human life was valuable and one must do everything in their capacity to assure qualitative health care facilities across the globe. The year 1931 saw the first impact by the volunteers in various programs of CMMB.

The volunteers made hospital gowns from old clothes and also prepared compressed bandages and gauzes. This gave rise to volunteer groups known as "Blue Cross Circles". These volunteers collected medicines from pharmacies, hospitals and individuals in order to distribute them among the needy people. The year 1949 saw the involvement of Bishop Fulton Sheen in this cause. He urged the pharmacies to donate medicines to catholic medical mission board. This laid the foundation of corporate social responsibility. Even today, pharmacies continue to donate medicines to the mission.

The year 1961 was marked by the acquisition of a larger warehouse in long islands. Today this facility uses hi-tech devices and technology to distribute medicines and provide healthcare facilities. In the year 1966 father Joseph J Walter became the director of Catholic Medical Mission Board. Under his guidance the mission started funding health care facilities in the developing nations. This helped to create global awareness about the plight of needy people in these countries.

In the year 1999, CMMB started 'Cure TB' program in Zambia. The program saw a success rate of 85%. It helped several people including young children to recover from tuberculosis. The year 2000 marked the launch of "Fighting AIDS" program. Even today, this program continues to create awareness, prevent and treat HIV/AIDS patients across the globe.


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